PC Monitor Software

Software Features
  • Monitor PC activity in real time
  • Monitor LIVE desktop activities of multiple computers from a centralized location
  • Monitor n number of computer screens simultaneously
  • Record and save employee activities in AVI format
  • Schedule offline recording in absence of admin
  • Perform administrative actions like close it, lock it, restart it, start screensaver and remove wallpaper etc remotely on target computers
  • Send instant messages to target computer(s)
  • Monitor computers having dual monitors
  • Send monitoring notifications to the target computer(s)
  • Boost employee efficiency to improve profit margins
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Monitor PC Activity

If you wish to keep an eye on every employee and see what he or she does while office working hours, then you must try software to monitor PC activity.

Decreasing productivity and lower ROI in an organization can become a matter of deep concern to the employers. To make sure your employees are doing the assigned work during office hours, it is essential to keep an eye on their desktops. PC Activity monitor software is perfect monitoring tool that keeps track of every employee in an organization.

The administrator can keep an eye on all computers in an organization, which are connected through LAN using this professional tool. Multiple agents can be added to the viewer computer so that he can view every screen of the attached computer. This software helps the administrator to know the work productivity of every employee and record activities.

PC Monitor software is a workforce management time clock that helps the admin to view LIVE activities on the employees computer without even letting the employee know about it. Administrator can keep a tab on all the PCs connected through LAN remotely. It helps to take action against employees who play games or indulge into other activities while office hours.

The invincible tool is designed to view LIVE PC activities. For the software to work efficiently, the server-client technology should be present. The software helps you keep an eye on any questionable activity of the employees and take quick action against it. It lets you record the agents computer activities even when you are not present physically. There is an option to record activities offline and view when you wish to.

You can schedule the offline recordings at different time of a day and can tweak the settings a bit. The monitoring tool initiates the recordings and saves the recorded clip in AVI format. Administrator can have a look at the AVI file as and when required. Always make sure that the computer you want to monitor is existing in the domain or workgroup based network.

The administrator should have complete rights in order to monitor PC doings. Using the monitoring tool, administrator can change wallpaper, lock computers, enable/disable screen saver, shut down or log off computers. These features make the efficient tool a must have for all organizations. To gain maximum ROIs and better work culture in an organization, one must have PC spy tool like this.

Download the Free Trial Version

Free evaluation version of PC Activity monitor tool is good in order to gain a fair idea about its functions and feature set. Free evaluation version lets the user keep track of only one computer for 7 days. User can create a 5-minute movie in AVI format and view it later. In order to be able to view several computer screens you must purchase the full product.